Apple iPhone 7 expected to arrive with 32GB base storage

The much-talked about upcoming iPhone 7 seems to have one more feature checked off its list as confirmed by the WSJ today. According to the same, the Apple iPhone 7 will feature a 32GB base model, which also makes us wonder whether it will bump up the models at the other end of the range to a 256GB model.

And it is certainly good news, because paying a premium price for a flagship smartphone and getting just 16GB of internal storage simply seems a bit unjust these days (more so because it’s not expandable). Apple moving its base iPhone model to a 32GB version is a first and it would make for an attractive package for those who until now rejected the idea of paying up for the base model (and instead went for an Android device) due to the limited storage.

Coming to the other end of the range, Apple’s most high-end offering in the iPhone line up is the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB model. It retails at a shocking price tag in every market and since Apple has upped things at the bottom end, there is a possibility that it may add a 256GB variant of the iPhone 7 “Pro” or the iPhone 7 Plus. According to many rumours Apple may introduce a iPhone 7 Pro this year with some additional functionality (we did notice a Smart Connector on the back in a leaked image). If it comes with a “Pro” tag, it would be a bit inconsistent, if Apple offered a 128GB model at the top end considering that the high-end iPad Pro (9.7 and 12.9 inch) models feature 256GB storage options. And who does not like to have more storage space?

Let’s just hope that Apple ups the RAM modules as well and we have 3GB RAM on the iPhone 7 Plus (or Pro) models showing up this year. As the same is expected to double in the iPhone 8 anyways. This would make the iPhone 7 a worthy, future-proof option for upgraders instead of waiting for the iPhone 8.

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